How to Care for Your Painted Wheels

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Alloy wheels appeared in the automotive industry as quickly as the cars themselves, and today, they come with many features and functions, including ventilation and faster cooling of the brake pads. Their functional advantages are undeniable, but their unmatched design and aesthetics are their most distinctive features.

Every car owner wants to get the best visual effect for their car, and wheels are one of those components that can influence the perception of the whole car. They can either spoil its look or effectively emphasize it and make the car much more attractive. 

Alloy wheels will make your car undeniably more stylish and attractive. 

They come in several colours and can also be painted when needed – sometimes to refresh their looks and other times to cover potential scratches. But no matter the reason, your painted wheels also need some care and attention.

So, how to properly care for your painted wheels and keep them in top shape? Read on to find out!

Step-by-Step Painted Wheel Care & Maintenance

Proper use of the car and some simple care and maintenance every once in a while can go a long way when it comes to extending the good condition of your wheels. It’s worth avoiding uncompacted and rolling surfaces that can damage the wheels, as well as uneven roads and deep holes in the road, as these can damage not only the tires but also the entire alloy wheels.

Another part of taking care of your painted wheels is cleaning them, which is a pretty simple process. When cleaning, it is never recommended to use a sponge with a coarse surface or any sharp objects to remove dirt. This may additionally scratch and remove the paint from the wheels. Also, never use wheel cleaners that contain acids, as these can damage both the wheel and the paint. Use soft brushes, towels, and non-acidic cleaners.

It’s best to start the cleaning from the front wheels and give them a wetting first, as there is usually more dirt on the front, and then start removing the dirt from the rear wheels. 

Here are a few simple steps on how to do it from start to finish:

#1 First, apply the wheel cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can use any of the simple and inexpensive cleaners and spread them evenly. Each product must be sprayed and removed within 2-5 minutes so as not to damage the wheel and cause corrosion. Each wheel with a clear coating should be cleaned with a non-acid and non-abrasive cleaner.

#2 Remove coarse dirt such as mud and sand with a high-pressure washer. Remember to keep an appropriate distance of at least 40-50 cm while doing this!

#3 Use a suitable sponge, cloth, or special wheel brush to remove obstinate dirt, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

#4 Rinse the wheels with clean water to restore their shine.

#5 To avoid streaks and water stains, dry and polish the wheels’ surface with a soft and delicate cloth. You can also polish the wheels if you discover scratches or micro-damages.

After such a thorough cleaning, carried out in the correct and recommended way,  a quick wash will suffice for the next few times you clean your painted wheels. Simply soak a sponge in a suitable car shampoo and rinse out each of your wheels. 

Final Thoughts

Caring for your wheels is just as important as caring for the car body. In addition to achieving the desired shine, cleaning the wheels will also ensure proper sealing of the cleaned surface and provide additional protection. 

And when you need a professional to take care of your painted wheels or apply a fresh coat of paint on them, give your wheel painting specialists in Melbourne a call and wait for our team to come to you and do their magic!